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What's The Secret?

2 Starting Points To Improve Your Nutrition

I have lost track of the number of times and ways I’ve been asked this question: What is the Secret? Well, there are lots of specific details that I will circle back to later, but for now the most general answer is: 

There is no secret ‘magical’ answer to reaching your body goals…BUT NUTRITION is 90% of the game!

There is SO MUCH information and conflicting studies out there, no wonder most people are completely overwhelmed by the thought of ‘eating healthy’. What does ‘healthy’ even mean these days: Keto is the magic fix, Paleo will cure everything, Gluten is evil, Vegan is the only option, Macro tracking is vital. Although many people have found great success trying different approaches, I can honestly say there is no perfect nutritional lifestyle that fits everyone…WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT and what works for your friend might not work for you. Once we understand that we must approach our health honestly and realistically we can begin finding the best solution. If you are feeling completely overwhelmed at the idea of where to start with your nutrition, let me offer 2 starting points:


Sorry (but not sorry) to be so blunt…LET’S BE HONEST HERE even healthy diets can be abused. You can over-eat on any nutrition plan. The diet industry has managed to make nearly everything unhealthy in some way. For example, if you choose to go Gluten-Free, you can find most types of processed food (cookies, cake, etc) with a ‘gluten-free’ label. A cookie is a cookie, look at the nutritional label. Serving size and sugar content on the label is imperative to understand and make a priority. Just because something claims to be healthy, it might be loaded with unnecessary fat, sugar, or other icky ingredients.

We all have triggers! Recognizing if you are an ‘emotional eater’ is an honest conversation you need to have with yourself. When you feel a craving or an urge to eat something, send this desire through the filter: am I truly hungry? If you are unsure, then drink 8-16oz of water or go for a quick walk outside…if the answer is still yes then proceed; otherwise, you will have to practice some willpower if you truly are wanting to conquer your nutrition.


I can’t tell you the number of times clients will insist they drink enough water. Usually when I ask for details it turns out they are drinking about 32-40oz a day. Many times it’s less than 32oz! Your ENTIRE BODY needs water for survival. We are incredible creatures and our bodies will adapt to poor hydration. Give yourself 1 week of slowly increasing your water intake, trying to get 64-80oz, you will be SHOCKED at how clear and energetic you feel. It’s amazing how icky and sluggish we allow and accept our bodies to function each day. Water is a simple, quick fix that can help you stay on point and not get overwhelmed or lose motivation. But I can’t live in the bathroom YOU WON’T…trust me! Your body is a wonderful machine that knows what to do with water. If you’re used to 8-32oz a day, your bathroom visits will increase a little, but your body will absorb and use the increased hydration with much grateful appreciation!!!  

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