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Take A Chance!

Monte Fitness Center just celebrated 20 years at 210 S Main St! Although it’s seen a few different owners and a name change over the years, the goal of providing health and wellness to the community has remained constant. Recently I had someone tell me that we should share our story of becoming small business owners. Since I’m a fairly private person, this topic is quite a stretch for me, but I tell others to step out of their comfort zone so I should probably stretch myself a bit from time to time as well.

My husband, Garrett, and I moved to Montesano in the spring of 2006 with our 15-month-old daughter. We loved the town; however, I found it difficult to integrate since I didn’t grow up in Monte. My daughter and I plugged into swim lessons at the Y and after some sessions found a few sweet mamas and we started a small play group. I also started taking the early morning cycling classes at Monte Fitness. I enjoyed the classes, the instructor, and environment; however, it wasn’t until my second daughter was about 5 months old that I started to branch out and get to know other members.

In the spring of 2009, I heard the previous owners were going to be moving and selling the business. Although I have been in fitness and sports my entire life, Garrett and I never considered owning and running a fitness center. It was an insane whirlwind experience going from that first conversation of inquiry to signing papers. We took a huge risk, jumped in with both feet (and two young toddlers), and suddenly under a month later owned a fitness center. Probably shouldn’t admit this, but we had no business plan, we just knew we saw potential and an opportunity to make a difference everyday…sooo we went for it!

Over the last 10 years, we have learned A TON! Having an environment that was welcoming, clean, and fun was an intentional priority from the beginning and continues to be our pillar every day. I love the unknown opportunities each day to be present for someone or encourage them to be a better version of themselves. Personally, I am challenged and inspired daily by the amazing people I meet…human interaction is pretty spectacular when you look around! We view Monte Fitness Center as an opportunity to help positively touch the lives of those in our community.

Taking the scary leap to business ownership has been a challenging and joyful blessing. Each year we are excited by the new possibilities. It is our goal to give back to our members, every chance we can with different improvements to break through their health and fitness plateaus. Making our fitness center a place where people can feel accepted, safe, and engaged with the community is a huge priority and reward. We also dream big still and would love to build a bigger facility someday; hopefully, being able to expand our youth programs.

Sometimes in life we are faced with opportunities that can really stretch our comfort levels. Dream big for yourself and don’t settle for mediocre! You are an amazing creation and can-do wonderful things!!! Just TAKE A CHANCE!!!

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