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Now that the COVID-19 mandates are starting to settle into our homes, we need to figure out how to be productive and thrive with this strange new reality. Are you struggling to find structure amid chaos and uncertainty?

Often, we overcomplicate simple situations and overthink easy solutions. A little structure, even if you prefer spontaneous chaos, can help organize a new normal. It is important to figure out how to live and thrive amongst the uncertainty.

Throughout this week, we are going to offer some positive options and possible solutions to help develop thriving strategies during this time of quarantine.

BIG 10

Even if you aren’t a person who likes to make lists, it really does help wrap your mind around a possible direction for progress. In times of uncertainty, we can feel scattered.

Try making a REALISTIC list of 10 things you’d like to accomplish!

Nothing new gets added to that list, until something has been completed. You don’t have to maintain 10 items; you just can’t add more! Your 10 items may not be big projects, they might be simple things that you know you’d like to finish but always get pushed further down the list.

For example, over the last 2 years, my pantry has been a catch all for everything: art supplies, extra ingredients, and other random miscellaneous items. This weekend, I finally cleaned, consolidated, and organized my pantry. It took me about 2 hours, it was overwhelming at times, BUT oh my goodness it’s so nice to look at right now!!! Trust me…I didn’t bust out a label maker or anything, but things have order and art supplies have a more appropriate base. For me and what I need our pantry to be for our family, it’s organized, and I feel so much better in my kitchen. Accomplishing this project had been on my ‘list’ for way too long and finally finishing it sparked a little extra inspiration and motivation for other small ‘list’ projects.

Don’t overthink this idea…just brainstorm and give it a try! It might be the little jumpstart you were needing to inspire a more productive quarantine.

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