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The Other Side

Recently I was texting with a few close friends and one of them said: “can we make sure we schedule time together when things go back to ‘normal’. I don’t want to go back to being so busy we never see each other”. I loved the honesty (good friends give truth with grace), but without action it’s just a question. COVID will eventually end, life will come back…what will the other side look like for you?

It may not seem realistic right now and all the unknowns may have us questioning what ‘life’ will look like on the other side of this pandemic. What will the things I enjoyed participating in look like? New restrictions, new fears, new social interactions with others, new political and media angles to interpret, etc. We have all been trying to navigate this incredibly strange time in our history: every person comes to and will emerge from this pandemic with a different perspective based on many factors they experienced. We are all unique individuals, not one person has the complete picture…you don’t have to agree with every viewpoint, but embrace the diversity and remember a genuine smile (you know a smile from your eyes that isn’t laced with judgement) goes a long way.

This week I want to build a little bit on last week’s ‘tough love’ message:

Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

(I’m not sure who wrote this quote, but I love the message especially in uncertain times)

Our days are different right now. They are probably still a bit busy, but in much different ways than before. Our ‘plans’ are on a much smaller scale and probably only involve our household family or a small tribe of inner circle individuals. Have you had the thought…I don’t want to go back to the way things were before? or what’s going to happen when everything starts back up again? If you’ve had ‘when this ends’ thoughts that frighten you a little bit, that’s a good thing and something you need strongly consider addressing!!!

If COVID has opened your eyes to the real priorities and places that bring you true joy in life, then you need to pay attention! Who says you must go back to your former way of dealing with life?

YOU? NOPE…excuse. YOU have complete control over what you choose to do.

Yes, you have responsibilities, but you choose how much priority you give those responsibilities in your mind and body. You may have to do some things that don’t bring you immediate ‘bucket-filling joy’ but your mindset determines the ultimate outcome of those things in your life.

YOUR FRIENDS or FAMILY? NOPE…excuse. Friends and family might have opinions and sometimes give intentional or unintentional pressure to your life or circumstances; however, giving into those things is fully in your control. Toxic relationships are real and something you may need to evaluate and remove from your life on the other side of COVID. Only you know if the relationship is toxic and in need of adjustment.

YOUR JOB or YOUR HEALTH? NOPE…excuse. Yes, responsibilities again: we need to have an income & you might have health challenges! You are an adult, life will not be without trials, stresses, and unpleasantness. Work will not always bring deep fulfillment; however, no one is forcing you to live a life you hate except you! It might be your mindset that needs to change, or it might actually be your circumstances. You might have to take a risk to land in a happier place.

Choosing to live your best life means being accountable for the choices you’re making. If you are blaming outside forces for your schedule, your unhappiness, your frustrations then you need to look in the mirror and tell yourself to stop being a victim.

You made choices to get to your current state in life. What do you ultimately desire??? If you want to feel better physically, then get up and take steps TODAY to get closer to that goal. If you want to be more financially secure, then get up and take steps TODAY to get closer to that goal. If you truly want it in your life…get up, take steps TODAY, and get closer to that goal.

You will have to be patient and trust the process, BUT it’s never too late to live your best life. We tend to get stuck in a slow build-up of self-imposed patterns, excuses, and fear. We don’t even realize what we’ve created until we look up and see all the bricks we’ve stacked on that giant wall. We want to get to the other side of possibility and potential and joy, but how do we do that now?

  • A PLAN

  • CREATIVITIY (you might have to think outside the box)

  • PATIENCE (change doesn’t happen over-night)

MAKE A PLAN (with realistic action steps)…right now…today! Decide the things you want in your life on the other side of COVID. If you don’t make a plan, you will fall back into old habits and patterns. I truly believe TIME is the one thing we all desire more. We all get the same amount of time each day…how we choose to spend it is our choice! AGAIN…YES…you are an adult and will have responsibilities that might be unpleasant; however, your mindset determines the outcome of those moments. If your day is spent emptying your bucket, even with a great mindset…you need to make some adjustments to your commitments. Do not live a life as a victim, you are not a martyr to your schedule or your circumstances. Time to look in the mirror, be honest, make a post COVID plan, and get excited for the next step!

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