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Mind, Body, Spirit

Do something each day for the Mind, Body, & Spirit

Mind – our mind is a complex, yet beautiful gift.

Try doing something to stimulate your mind every day. Examples might be a short puzzle, an article or book that interests you, a game that you enjoy, a zoom or FaceTime call with a really good friend, a great Podcast. The key here is: it’s not an obligation of study for work…this is a stimulation for the mind that YOU ENJOY!!!

Body – your body might frustrate you, but it is an incredible machine!

Give your body something everyday to help it thrive. Maybe it’s eating an extra serving of veggies, choosing a piece of fruit instead of Easter candy, going for a walk in the sunshine, setting your timer to get up and move every 30 mins! The key here is: don’t think of this as life changing habits all at once, just add something new every few days or every week.

Spirit – what gives you purpose? What drives your mind and body?

Our reactions to stress, adversity, joy, etc all stem from the health of our spirit.

Being present in your day and acknowledging your truth is vital to growing in a healthy spirit. Take a little time each day to actually breath…many of us don’t realize how shallow we breath until we take a few moments to breath deeply. For you being present and quiet might be through intentional prayer or meditation…or it might be spending time unplugged in nature. The key here is: whatever helps your spirit feel renewed…decide to spend 10-15 mins growing that need each day.

As you get more consistent in these small disciplines, you will be surprised how much you crave and rely on that internal check in! It’s not selfish to take a few intentional moments each day…it’s vital to your growth as a person. You might have a million responsibilities or other people relying on you each day…that’s ok! Embrace it and look for the ability to be creative in carving out these moments. Don’t look at this as another thing you can’t find time for…look at this as an opportunity to embrace your flaws and take a little step forward each day.

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