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Classes At Monte Fitness

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

MFC Co-Owner & ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Kellie Dalan, encourages EVERYONE to try group fitness classes. Read below if you've been talking yourself out of trying a class.

Group fitness classes can be some of the most motivational and hard working fitness opportunities; however, it can also be perceived as one of the most overwhelming and intimidating experiences. WHY SHOULD YOU TRY FITNESS CLASSES? Below I’ve tried to answer some of the top reasons I’ve heard against taking a group fitness class: 1.      I can’t take a class till I’m in better shape! It doesn’t matter how “fit, toned, or in shape” someone looks…EVERYONE had a DAY 1!!! Good classes allow each person to participate at their own pace. A great class instructor will provide instruction and modifications to help each person participate at their own level. If we always wait till we are in better shape, we will never start or try something new, nothing will ever be good enough. The bar of ‘good enough or better’ will keep changing. You are good enough TODAY…just embrace DAY 1…you never know what your courage will inspire in someone else. 2.      I don’t have the right workout clothes! Baggy t-shirt and sweats, tight spandex, sports bra and shorty shorts, color coordinated all the way to the hair tie and shoe laces…WHO CARES!!! As long as you have clothes on…you can workout in public! HECK…I’m sure there is a gym somewhere in this country that encourages you to workout naked. The point is: we can’t allow our personal insecurities regarding what we think is a ‘good workout outfit’ to intimidate us from getting started or continuing our journey to health. What truly matters is what is happening under those clothes: we are getting healthier! 3.      I had a bad experience at another gym and just can’t take group classes! Let me apologize on behalf of the industry for your bad experience. You should NEVER feel pressured to do heavier weight or any exercise you are not comfortable doing. You should NEVER feel judgement from an instructor or leave a class feeling poorly about yourself. YES…we are our own worst critic and struggling with an exercise might leave us feeling frustrated, but try to turn that frustration into motivation to conquer that exercise soon. Group fitness classes can be incredible for helping push through plateaus or accomplishing an intensity level we struggle to find on our own. Truth is…we tend to work harder when in the presence of others. 4.     I’m too intimidated to take a class! My first question would be: WHY??? Maybe you think the instructor is scary or too hard. No matter how ‘hard core’ you think an instructor is, they should be teaching the class for their participants. You should always take the instruction and adapt to your fitness level. Maybe you feel like you shouldn’t be there because of your age or fitness level. DO NOT feel badly because you aren’t ready to keep up with other participants. I GUARANTEE anyone who is focusing or judging you during the class has much bigger issues going on ‘behind the scenes’ in their life. Be proud of your bravery and strength and don’t let someone else’s spiraling current drag you down stream. The vast majority of the time all participants are just focusing on themselves and getting through the workout. 5.      BE BRAVE, YOU CAN DO MORE THAN YOU THINK! Here a few tips when getting up the courage to take a fitness class: Read the class descriptions and choose a class you feel is a good match for your fitness level.Arrive a few minutes early and introduce yourself to the instructor. I know this might seem scary, but I love meeting new class participants and always ask if they have any restrictions I can help accommodate (for example: bad knees, bad shoulder, tight back).Don’t think…just do it! Try your absolute best to clear your head of insecurities…YOU ARE taking a class…THAT IS AWESOME…CELEBRATE DAY 1!!!

Start YOUR DAY 1 and join us in class!!! (Non-members are welcome for a drop-in fee.)

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