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Who Is The Superhero In Your Life?

As business owners we feel it’s incredibly important that we give back to our local community! 8 years ago, we did a Couch to 5K camp, which culminated in our first 5K run/walk. It was such a fun and positive experience, we decided to do the 5K portion every year. Making the event donation, rather then a set fee has also allowed us to give back to a local need and showcase the incredible generosity of our community members. Each year has been different, weather typically plays a role in attendance; however, we are always inspired and amazed at the end by the people we meet!

This year, we have decided to do a Superhero Theme as a nod to Mother’s Day and all the amazing things our mamas do for us. It’s important to me that everyone knows the theme is just a fun addition, it is not our intention to only honor mothers. I truly believe that mothers come in all different forms. Yes, there is the typical understanding that giving birth or adopting a child makes you a mother; however, I know numerous women who never had their own biological children or adopted and were more of a mother to the children in their lives. So many women give of themselves, in a mothering way and deserve to be remembered on Mother’s Day. I love that the card aisle now offers the option of: “You are like a mother to me”. Teachers, aunties, neighbors, church members, friends, cousins, etc can all serve as mother-type figures in a person’s life and deserve to be remembered for their awesomeness on Mother’s Day!

We invite you to join us on Saturday, May 11th…superhero costumes encouraged but of course optional… run or walk for the lady or ladies in your life that helped shape you into the person you are today! This year 100% donations are going to the Montesano Food Bank. The run/walk starts at 8am, so please join us for this fun Monte Fitness Center tradition.

Kellie Dalan

MFC Co-Owner

(CLICK HERE for full event details.)

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