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Creating an online account will provide you with the ability to make class reservations online when classes are available. (Or you may contact the front desk to reserve your space.)  

(UPDATE POSTED 8/8/2020: All studio and loft fitness classes are discontinued until further notice. CLICK HERE for details and to learn how to access virtual classes.)


For members with auto-renewing memberships, an online account also provides you direct access to your billing information and membership status.


Update Posted: 11/16/2020

New COVID Restrictions

To the Members of Monte Fitness Center:


As you may well know, Washington State has issued renewed restrictions on businesses, including fitness centers, through Demember 14th in response to COVID-19. At the writing of this letter, the Governor’s website does not list a proclamation corresponding to the restrictions, so we are assuming a formal proclamation will align with the restriction listed in media releases. While these restrictions are certainly not the news we were hoping for, we have determined that complaining or debating will not move us forward in a productive way. Rather we have tried to get compliant, imaginative and resourceful. With that view, we would like to share the following.


Monte Fitness Center will close at 8pm tonight and will not be accessible to members as a fitness center. Access keys will be turned off.


We view Monte Fitness Center as a community resource and certainly recognize the abundance of health and wellness benefits that come with a fitness routine. In an effort to continue to provide fitness opportunities for our members, we are offering the following.


Access to FitnessOnDemand through the FLEX App. This resource is currently included as part of your membership and provides access to hundreds of fitness classes through your phone, tablet or computer. If you do not yet have access to FLEX, please text Garrett at 206-550-8423 and he will share a link to be able to sign up at no cost. We intend to build on this option by sending out recommended classes through email and social media several times each week.


Small equipment will be made available for home workouts. Tuesday the 17th, we will be at Monte Fitness Studio from 5 to 8pm with the loanable equipment including dumbbells, plates and mats. Additionally we will have a number of resistance bands that we are happy to give to members who can put them to good use. During this equipment pick up, only one household will be allowed in the studio at a time, so please bring a warm jacket and patience in case you need to wait a bit outside. Also, since our medicine ball inventory is low, we can offer first-use borrowing to a limited number of members. In this case, the medicine ball will be shipped directly to you with the understanding that you will return it to Monte Fitness as soon as the restrictions are over. Please text Garrett (206-550-8423) if you would like to take advantage of this option.


We will convert our main gym space to an exercise based hourly rental space. This option will be limited to only one household and no more than 4 people at a time. If you are interested in renting the space (currently the MFC member rate is planned at $0.01 per hour) please email Garrett at for more details and limitations.


If the above options do not meet your membership expectations, there are options to pause your membership payment or extend your prepaid membership. Please email Garrett for more details.


We truly hope that you and yours are healthy and well. Our members are the best part of Monte Fitness Center and we deeply appreciate your past and on-going support.


Again you can reach Garrett by text at 206-550-8423 or email at

Update Posted: 6/28/20

Required Masks, Exercise, & MFC


As you all know, on Friday, June 26th Governor Inslee’s required face covering rule went into effect.  We have received numerous questions and opinions regarding this requirement and cancelled classes at the end of last week to try and grasp what this means for health and Monte Fitness.


We looked through the fine print and found an exception for face masks while exercising…I have included it below:


Individuals may remove their face coverings in a public setting while engaged in indoor exercise activities provided that the distance of at least 6 feet is maintained from non-household individuals.


What does this mean for Monte Fitness Center:


  • Your face covering must be on when:

    • Entering the facility, whether the main gym or to attend a class

    • When cleaning equipment

    • When 6ft distance cannot be maintained with non-household individuals

    • When exiting the facility or class


  • Your face covering may be pulled down when:

    • When exercising and additional oxygen is required, given that 6ft distance can be maintained.


The health and safety of our instructors, staff and members is always our top priority.  We have decided to cancel our classes Monday, June 29th and Tuesday, June 30th in an effort to let our instructors try out the more breathable face coverings we are testing.  We also encourage our members to make sure they have comfortable, breathable face coverings when they come to exercise, whether in the main gym or attending classes. (UPDATE: 8/8/2020-Due to new restrictions, all fitness classes have been discontinued until further notice. CLICK HERE for details.


Moving forward:  we don’t know how long this face covering requirement will remain in effect.  Your health and safety are our top priority, so we will continue to be creative in the classes and opportunities we offer to help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Update Posted: 6/17/20

With Grays Harbor County entering into phase 3 of the Safe Start plan, MFC has reactivated the 24 hour keys.  Upon entry, please review the signage and follow all instructions and restrictions regarding this phase of opening.  Capacity is limited to 20 people including members and staff.  Thank you for your continued patience, participation, and for being the best part of MFC.

Thank you,
MFC Staff



Update Posted: 6/6/2020

The Governor’s Office updated the guidance for fitness operations in Phase 2 today.  The document can be found here


One notable aspect of this update was the removal of the screening requirement that did not allow people over 65 to participate.  With this update, MFC will no longer have an age upper-limit for those signing up for our small group classes.  We know that some of our members will find this news exciting and we are excited to see you.  Yet, we ask that you prioritize your health and the health of others.  If you have concerns or apprehensions, you should wait to join us at MFC.  We have always worked hard to keep a clean facility and those efforts are now at top level in our reopening.  Nonetheless, there is no amount of cleaning that can wholly protect you from virus exposure in a public setting.


For next week, class reservations are still happening through staff at MFC or by emailing  The week of June 15th we suspect we may implement some operational changes, so please look for emails or updates on our website.


If you have any questions, please email us or


Thanks again for being the best part of MFC – regardless of age!!


Garrett and Kellie

Posted: 5/25/2020


Last week we learned of two major changes in the regulated response to the COVID crisis.  First, phase 2 of the recovery plan was expanded to include limited use of fitness centers.  Second, Grays Harbor County was approved to move into phase 2.  We now plan to reopen Monte Fitness Center Wednesday, May 27th under limited operations and restricted use.  We are excited to see some of you again and to be able to exercise with a bit of social interaction.  In order to do so, we must strive to fully comply with the reopening guidance, which, as of now, we understand to include:

  • Access by appointment only.  All access to MFC must be scheduled ahead of time.  More detail later in this letter.

  • No use by high-risk individuals, which includes all members 65 and over, as well as members with serious underlying medical conditions like chronic lung disease, moderate to severe asthma and people who are immunocompromised.

  • Access only through personal training or small classes.No more than 5 members will be allowed in any one session.

  • Screening of all staff and members to include having been diagnosed with COVID-19 (have not recovered or are still within the required 14-day quarantine), had symptoms of COVID-19 (within the last 24 hours), had contact with a person that has or is suspected to have COVID-19 (within the last 14 days) , or a fever (within the last 48 hours).

  • No use of showers

  • No childcare or use of child area

  • No towel service (you must bring your only towel with you)

  • Safety review prior to each session or class.

  • Sign in and consent with each session or class.

In effort to facilitate these requirements and create access for our members we plan to:

  • Host 8-12 classes each weekday and a couple on Saturdays.  A class schedule can be viewed on our website. To sign up for a class, send a request for class type and then preference for days and times to  You will be notified when you are scheduled for a class.  Spaces will be assigned by the order the requests are received, with some subjective limits for any one member taking multiple classes.We will strive to offer at least 50 classes each week.

  • Add a new class – General Weightlifting.  This will be the most frequent class and will be intended for those who can self-select their workout, safely use equipment and only need occasional guidance from staff.  Cardio equipment will also be available during this class.

  • Limit the number of classes any one member can participate in to increase opportunity for members.

  • Initially have class sign up/reservations through email requests.  Later we will use the Mindbody platform (similar to how cycling classes have worked).

  • Limit class time to no more than 45 minutes to provide time to clean and social distance between classes.

  • Move, or remove, some equipment to promote the required social distancing.

  • Make necessary adjustments to class schedule weekly, unless a more urgent response is needed.

  • Limit facility access to staff and members who are participating in a scheduled class – this also applies to children since we are not allowed to provide childcare or access to the kid area.

welcome to Monte fitness center!

We are proud to offer a unique variety of fitness opportunities to improve your over-all health.  At MFC we pride ourselves on our clean and friendly environment, as well as our excellent classes!  Every instructor and personal trainer at MFC is certified and educated in their field of instruction. 

We understand the possible intimidation when starting a new fitness routine; however, we all remember what it felt like on our first day!  You will never find instructors at MFC who make you feel inadequate, so join us and start your journey towards a healthier you! 


You've made the decision to continue or begin your fitness, and we're here to help you along.  We warmly welcome you to our facility and our expert staff and trainers would love to discuss your goals and how we can help you meet them.

You have fitness goals.  We have the resources and people to make them a reality.  However and whenever you like to work out, we've got you covered. Too good to be true? Check out all that we offer.


fitness classes

Due to new restrictions, all studio & loft fitness classes have been discontinued until further notice.  CLICK HERE for details and for information about FLEX by Fitness On Demand.

At Monte Fitness we believe that fitness should be a positive experience! 

Everyone approaches getting healthy in a different way, which is why we try to provide a variety of opportunities to help you on your fitness journey. Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we strive for fantastic customer service and a clean facility everyday. 


We also include ALL OUR CLASSES (with the exception of cycling and camps) in your membership! We are always extremely open to your thoughts on how we can improve your fitness experience.


All fitness classes are included in your memberships with the exception of our cycle classes.*Cycle Classes: Discount Punch Cards are available for $30 and are good for 10 classes with a drop-in rate of $5 per class.  Register up to 1 week in advance for each cycle class.  Sign-up online or at the front desk. 24 Hour cancellation is required or the class fee still applies. 


Non-members are welcome to participate in any of our non-cycle classes for a drop-in fee of $5 per day, cycle classes can be attended for $10 per class. We also offer "Cycle Only Cards" for non-members for discounted cycling pricing.  One "cycle only card" costs $60 and is good for 10 cycle classes. First time visitors are required to fill out a waiver prior to participation.



Monte Fitness Center offers a variety of options so you can choose the best option for YOU.

*Includes your 7th month FREE!
*Purchase an optional 24 hour key for around the clock access!



Whether it's adding to your current routine or completely starting over, we are here to help you accomplish your fitness goals.


At Monte Fitness Center, we provide the knowledge and creativity to help you reach your fitness goals in a patient, inspiring, and energetic atmosphere.  We will help you break down your goals into attainable and achievable milestones.  Even the tallest mountain has  little hills to break up the journey.

As your personal trainer, we come to you with a true passion and purpose.  We love working with clients who want to change their lives.  A healthy lifestyle is such an inspiring choice and we are so motivated to help you achieve your goals.


30 Minute Session: $20

*Clients are welcome to purchase as many 30 minute session credits, as desired, at one time.


There's strength in numbers. True statement, especially in our group pt. Our groups MAX out at 4 participants, so you are ensured individual attention during your workout.  Each session is 4 weeks long!!!


2 Days a week - $100 per person

3 Days a week - $145 per person

If you are interested in Group Personal Training, please contact us for availability!


Fitness camps

Monte Fitness Center offers several fitness camps throughout the year.

Stop by the front desk or call in with a credit/debit card to reserve your spot.  You can also register online by logging into or creating your Mindbody account.

Our winter fit camp has ended early due to COVID-19 concerns.  We will post details when it becomes clear when we will be able to reschedule.



Typically Monte Fitness Center is proud to offer child care Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 10:30 am.  However, due to COVID concerns we are not offering child care services at this time.



Monte Fitness Center's annual MFC 5k is typically hosted each year around Mother's Day.  Each year we accept donations for a local cause and come together with friends and family to celebrate our community. 2020's event was held remotely so everyone could practice social distancing. Details for 2021's 5k will be revealed in April/May of 2021.

Stop by to see us during Montesano's annual Downtown Trick-Or-Treat event! (Participation in 2020's downtown event is TBD...please check back closer to Halloween for updates.)


Join us Thanksgiving morning each year for the annual Turkey Trot at MFC!

The 2019 event had 169 participants and raised $1154 for the Montesano Food Bank! Thanks for joining us this year!


Monte Fitness Center hosts a Cocoa Factory during Montesano's annual Festival of Lights Celebration.

All proceeds go to benefit Connections, A Center For Healthy Families.   Each year we share hundreds of cups of cocoa while collecting hundreds of dollars for Connections.

We greatly appreciate your contributions!




Monte Fitness Center

210 S Main Street

Montesano, WA 98536

Tel: 360.249.0073


CLICK HERE for details on current COVID-19 restrictions.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all fitness classes have been discontinued until further notice.

Temporarily Closed Until December 14th due to new COVID-19 restrictions.

*Thank you for your patience as we continue to adapt to the precautions and requirements of COVID-19.  If you need assistance with your membership during an unstaffed time, please text Garrett at 206-550-8423.

Thank you for being the best part of MFC!

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