Monday - Friday: 8:30 - 10:30 am

Monte Fitness Center is proud to offer child care Monday-Friday! If you want to start your workout close to 10:30am, please just call ahead and let us know you are coming and our child care staff member will stay longer.

We have had some confusion regarding the ages & expectations of children in our fitness center.
Please see our Child Policy below for clarification.

Child Safety Policy At MFC

Child Care Hours

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We are proud to be a family friendly facility; however, we must be mindful of the safety and enjoyment of all our members.  There has been some confusion regarding ages and expectations at Monte Fitness. Please read through our child policy to ensure the safety of your children and fellow members.

Infants (still in baby car seats)
:  Are welcome to accompany their parents in classes.  Please DO NOT leave your child’s car seat in the walk ways of the equipment or in the free weight area.  If your child is accompanying your workout please place them on the low ledges throughout the gym.  We would hate for a weight to fall in the wrong place and injure your baby.

Toddler-Pre K (1.5-5 years):  Must be in the childcare area during your workout.  When you are finished and go to get your child, please make sure you hold their hand and DO NOT allow them to climb on the equipment.  We know the gym is an exciting place for a youngster; however, the equipment can be very dangerous for young children.

Ages 6-10 years:  Typically this age range will sit in the childcare area during your workout.  If they are interested in accompanying you during a workout in the studio they must be able to not distract the participants attending the class.  If you are attending a cycling class, your child must be able to sit quietly on the ledge (not touching the equipment) or they must be in the child care area.  If they need to be in the child care area, there will be a child care charge.

Ages 11-14 years:  May have a membership and use MFC facility; however, a parent must accompany and supervise their workout.

It is not our intention to create unnecessary rules; however, children want to do what others kids are doing.  It is unfair to the other kids, if your child gets special treatment...please respect the above guidelines.  If you would like your 6-10 year old to accompany you with your workout, please talk with Kellie.*

If you ever have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let us know...we want to make MFC wonderful for everyone (including children):
    Phone:  360-249-0073